Archived Letter – 1002

Dear Editor,
I read with interest your article summarizing the results from the Mapleton Township report card. Reviewing the entire report card myself, I found the theme to be consistent and clearly one of dissatisfaction with the performance of the mayor and council. I would like to echo that message and believe that the budget that will be unveiled on the 9th of February is not going to increase that level of dissatisfaction in the community.
Magically, the council will have reduced the tax increase to 2.9% from the threatened 5.8%. I hope all Mapleton taxpayers will see through the thinly veiled deception and realize that council has reduced the increase by less than 1% once you include the increase in our MPAC assessments of approximately 2%.
I can only hope the council takes the comments in the report card to heart, and listen to the constituents that our tax rates are out of line with the level of services we receive. I did a survey of communities within an hour’s drive of KW, and we are in the top quarter for tax rate, hardly anything to be proud of. This is not even taking into account the complete lack of services we have in Mapleton. User paid garbage, no public transit, etc. 2018 elections can’t come soon enough for this voter!
Mike Minogue

Mike Minogue, P. Eng, MBA