Dear Editor:

There are wonderful people in our lives, some unknown to us.

I am 83 years old and was sitting on my walker on the street at the Service Ontario in Fergus, 18th in line.

A man touched my walker and said, “Come with me.” Assuming he was with Service Ontario I followed him across the parking lot, where he made sure I could handle the stairs. He sat my walker up and left. The first young fellow in line opened both doors for me. I thanked all in line as I left via the ramp.

My husband, who is on oxygen, filled me in when I got in the car. A man in a black pickup truck had delivered a parcel to a house up the hill. He got in his truck, got out and walked across the parking lot to the door and then came and got me.

Although I thanked him and everyone in line I wish to publicly show how much good deeds are appreciated.

Glenda Benton,