Appreciates the help

Dear Editor:

The recent high winds on July 19 caused much damage to our property. Several very large trees were twisted right off their trunks. Other large trees had several mangled branches. One tree broke a window as it fell. Our yards were covered in debris.

We took shelter in our home during the storm and were overwhelmed by the aftermath. Trees and branches everywhere. Almost right away we were visited by two sets of neighbours who dropped in to see if all was well. On finding everyone okay, we left it with them that we would tackle clean up the next day. Then three other neighbours dropped in to check on any damages. How kind of everyone to stop in.

We decided to survey the damage to our property on our ATV. As we set off, neighbours arrived with loader tractors, chainsaws and a wagon. Soon other neighbours, family and friends arrived and worked very hard cleaning up. A grandpa neighbour came with his loader tractor and flat wagon to transport debris to a pile behind the house. More family members arrived and even in-laws! Everyone worked so hard and so cheerfully. It was a hubbub of activity and what once seemed like a mountain of work was soon completed and we shared stories over a quick supper.

The next day more neighbours and friends arrived with rakes and sweepers and helpful, cheerful attitudes. Debris was raked into piles to be picked up later. Tree trunks were dragged away by tractor.

Friends and neighbours continued to stop in all week to help with what needed to be done.

We are including so many details in this letter to emphasize this spontaneous act of kindness by so many people in our community. The cheerful “let’s get at it” attitude was so appreciated by us.

We are truly blessed to live in a community of kind, caring people – both young and old (from one year old to let’s just say over 70!). We want to express to all those who helped us that we appreciate all that you did.

Thank you so much. In trying to give our thanks one neighbour replied, “You’re welcome – it’s just what neighbours and friends do”.

Thanks again neighbours, friends and family.

Gerald and Mary Townsend,