Applauds gun ban

Dear Editor:

RE: ‘Gun grab’ wont work, May 14.

I find it interesting that Irma DeVries starts her diatribe against the elimination of assault weapons by saying they are not the type of firearm used in the Nova Scotia tragedy.

So? Is she saying that, because of this, assault weapons should not be banned and are a viable addition to the civilian armories? She asks if this ban would have saved any lives in the Nova Scotia incident.

Perhaps not, but maybe it will save countless lives in the future. She goes on to imply that firearms are essential for the common citizen to defend themselves. She obviously has no knowledge of the requirements for gun ownership in Canada. Does she realize that conscientious gun owners in Canada must lock their firearms in a safe and secure manner and the same with ammunition?

As a rule, we Canadians don’t keep a loaded firearm by the door in the umbrella stand or under our pillow or in the glove compartment. We don’t issue carry permits except in extreme circumstances.

She claims her party supports the rights of professionally trained, law abiding citizens to possess and use firearms for hunting, sport and self defence. Canada does not professionally train citizens for self defence with the use of firearms. She must have lived in the U.S. at some point. We don’t have the second amendment in our constitution.

The firearms being banned are assault-style weapons. You know, the ones that make shooters look macho and cool and have no place in our society for the common person. In addition, this type of firearm can easily be converted to automatic action. You can do it from YouTube.

Actually there is an opportunity to learn to use this type of firearm. Join the Armed Forces, the only place for assault weapons along with peacekeeping agencies. These firearms are not necessary for hunting, target shooting or, as she would imply, self defence. I have been a member of the Armed Forces and taught marksmanship for over 20 years. In civilian life, I was a handgun safety instructor as well as a competitive biathlete for several years, so I have a bit of experience. You don’t think Canadians feel any safer with assault weapons off the table? I, for one, applaud this move. DeVries sounds more like a card-carrying NRA member that a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party.

Terry Filce,