Apologies sincere

Dear Editor:

I,  like the many who wrote to the Advertiser, found the cartoon of our PM in the horrific stance that murdered George Floyd, in very poor taste. The BLM groundswell is long overdue and to have it misappropriated by a cartoon was, to say the very least, hurtful.

I believe the apologies of both the publisher and editor were sincere. And now it is time to decide how we move forward.

What is not productive is the vitriol generated by some members of the community via social media with personal attacks on individuals at the paper who had nothing to do with the cartoon.

That is not moving forward in a positive manner. That is not engaging in productive, respectful conversation.

To those who lashed out in righteous outrage: I don’t understand your cruelty. If we are ever going to get this right, our first and only response must be loving, caring and compassionate. The teachable moment. The right way.

You owe some apologies.

Kelly Janzen,