Another apology?

Dear Editor:

I was surprised there was such backlash from the latest editorial cartoon with Trudeau kneeling on a beaver. Many people said they were angry and outraged to see such lack of respect from the newspaper with many calling on the cartoonist and the paper to offer an apology.

The editor and the publisher offered a sincere apology for exploiting the death of a victim. When a person dies from violence or any other reason, it should never be used to poke fun at politicians or be used in a way to promote an agenda or ideology.

What I’m concerned about is the lack of response to the editorial cartoon from June 4. The picture is the same as the picture in the June 18 edition, the difference is the person kneeling and what he is kneeling on (Donald Trump was kneeling on the  Statue of Liberty in the June 4 issue).

Not one letter to the editor was published demanding an apology. Why? Did everyone excuse the picture because of who was featured? If this is really about the exploitation of a death, then people should be consistent and speak up every time they see injustice, even when it pokes fun at someone unpopular.

The editor ended his apology with a promise to “cover important stories with an eye towards inclusion and justice for all members of our community.” This is great news. Perhaps the editor can start with an apology for the editorial cartoon on June 4.

Carol O’Neil,