Dear Editor:

RE: Canadian company launches Fergus-Opoly board game, June 25.

In this article a Canadian Company called Outset Media was celebrating Fergus-Elora with a new “limited edition” game called Fergus-Opoly that they were releasing through Walmart.

It was to be available online or at the Fergus store.

A neighbour who is inexperienced at buying online called me to get her one of these games after she had visited Walmart only to find out from Customer Service that they had no more, they only got one skid, and it was almost immediately sold out. Further, she had no idea whether more were to be delivered.

Later, I went online for her and no matter how I entered it, the search came up as an unknown product.

I have a few choice words for Outset Media.  If they want towns across the country to buy into their concept then they need to do some serious work in the areas of dependability, responsible advertising and availability of their product. In fact, this brings me to the real point of my letter.

Why is Outset Media giving the sales of a purely Canadian product to an American multi-million dollar business? If they really want consumers here to get on board with these games then why haven’t they chosen local retailers to sell this “Canadian game”, giving our local business owners the opportunity to benefit from selling these games celebrating the villages of Elora/Fergus?

My neighbour has lost much of her enthusiasm after we discussed all these issues. Seems that in the end Outset Media is just another money hungry venture willing to sell their souls to the Americans, while trying to convince us of their patriotism and interest in our community. Balderdash!

Jan Pinney,