Already smells bad

Dear Editor:

RE: Engineering marvel, Jan. 7.

I have been a resident of Erin for over 40 years and I must say that I was not surprised by the letter from Ken Cowling.

I recently retired from my contracting business and understand Mr. Cowling’s concerns. I remember a meeting at the community centre over a year ago when I suggested that the cost overruns would be astronomical and just who would foot the bill for these overruns?

At that time, Mayor Allan Alls said that the cost overruns would be paid for by the taxpayers. That’s you and I, folks. I also remember asking about the absurd amount that was suggested by the engineering firm for hook-up fees. Again I was told that my numbers were wrong. When trying to ask other questions I was ignored by the host, Mr. Alls.

He likes to boast about transparency and cooperation from the town, yet I fail to see it. Perhaps it is so transparent the we cannot see it. Alls boasts about the majority of the people being in favour of the waste water facility, yet the only ones that I can see are the town council and the developers.

This is a wastewater treatment facility and I expect it to smell when it is running – I just did not think it would smell this bad before it is built.

Paul Tomkinson,