‘Addled idea’

Dear Editor:

Politicians baffle me. How did Premier Doug Ford and Toronto Mayor John Tory decide to suggest that tenants should skip their rent payments for a few months? Where did they get this addled idea? Many of us, like me, depend on rental income for our retirement. To unilaterally select the residential landlord as a means to subsidize the plight of these tenants is heinous! The tenants can easily receive free food at the food banks and pay their rent.

Perhaps Tory and Ford could suggest three months free gas, perhaps free hydro and perhaps free telephone and cable.

However, the most ludicrous statement was to suggest that the tenants would repay the skipped rent after four months. Help me here! Finally, the suggestion to furlough evictions for six months is plain dumb. It already takes upwards of seven months to evict a tenant.

Basically, Ford and Tory are asking me to forfeit my income; an income for which I worked hard. An income that I will not freely give to a tenant.

Jim McClure,