Activity ideas

Dear Editor:

With children out of school, parents need help. Here are some ideas-that mothers used 50-plus years ago and kids liked them.

Colouring: if you don’t have special books, colour the newspaper or magazine.

Trace pictures and then learn to draw it on other paper.

Write a story after watching TV on what you saw. Make up your own program for other TV characters or continue  on from the program. Make a funny story, draw a picture or cartoon to match your story.

Draw a house and fill it with people or animals that tell stories.

Write a pretend story in the future on a new planet.

Write a letter to grandma or a cousin or old neighbours, learn how to use a stamp.

Write a thank-you letter for a birthday gift – pretend it’s from an animal friend or a famous person or a TV character. Make a card as thank you for a present.

Make “a house” under a table and have a pretend party. Set the table for mom before meals, learn how to organize a party table.

Learn how to read a recipe and make a supper surprise.

Learn how to bake  cup cakes  and to clean up afterwards.

Learn how to sew and also mend. Try embroidering a square or circle then flowers.

Learn how to mend a tear or loosened hem, learn how to embroider, learn how to knit, learn how to sew on a button.

Try to repair a broken toy car or pet’s home.

Learn to do an exercise class; have a contest with an other person for strength improvement.

Fill a tin can with soil and plant grass for the cat to eat,or plant a seed oat for oatmeal; or bird seed.

Make a play with funny dialogue or a play about a trip to the jungle talking to animals.

Clean windows but first have fun with the cleanser – drawing on it before cleaning.

Even disagreements can be fun if  children are to see the funny side of their arguments; make a play instead, using animals arguing over similar things.

Finger painting is always good if you use  melted chocolate in a plate. Licking a spoon is always a joy. Cutting an apple in shapes before eating your “artistic effort.”

Teach children to praise difficult work done with pleasure (by the young artist).

Write a play or letter to encourage a sick friend; add a colouring drawing of flower.

I hope these old-time ideas will help today’s parents keep their child happy and occupied.

Sytske Drijber,