A ‘wonderful place’

Dear Editor:

RE: McClintocks close only public access to Puslinch Lake, July 23.

Tell me about the good old days … well, maybe some don’t wish to hear this, but here goes.

During the 1950s going out to swim or have a picnic at the public access beach (called Butlers) on Puslinch Lake was the most fun for a kid from town.

On Saturdays there would be a little hut part way up the driveway going in. There your parents would hand over a fee to enter the park.  There were swings, slides and a little sand pit area.

Mostly people from Hespeler would go out there to enjoy the water on a hot summer day. We’d have a picnic lunch at one of the many picnic tables available.

At one point, we had neighbours who moved out there and owned a lovely brick home on Puslinch Lake. When we were invited there, we could run off the dock and jump right in to the water, avoiding the mud bottom near shore. Some years later, Dr. McClintock actually purchased this house for his family.

Glad we were able to enjoy it when we were kids. The world seemed like such a simple wonderful place back then.

Elizabeth Hughes,