A ‘win-win’

Dear Editor:

RE: ‘Walkable, bikeable,’ March 18.

(By the way, my letter said “most people just want to park without stepping into flower beds and tree rings full of cigarette butts”).

Whilst everyone has a right to an opinion, the only part of John Scott’s letter that I found agreeable was that “most people want to be healthy and happy,” but will I need to leave home and go over to St. David Street to achieve that? Will everyone else need to forego this “health and happiness” so that some may have it?

There is a failure to grasp the big picture scenario here  in that what-ever is done, needs to cover Fergus as a whole and while we are in to it, Elora also, because they have the same problem.

Lowering the speed limit to 40km/h everywhere would apply a direct constant that was less likely to cause a shift in traffic routing behaviour. Yes, it would require extra police constables for enforcement, but should we be putting a price tag on public safety?

Crime in the Fergus area is increasing at approximately 12% a year and as most criminals drive to and from their crimes, these extra “eyes on the road” could possibly snare a few of them. Basically a win-win situation.

Malcolm McCulloch,