A ‘twisted, nasty trick’

Dear Editor:

On the morning of Nov. 16, a group of about 40 people gathered outside our MPP’s office in downtown Fergus to point out the power overreach by the Ford government through Bill 23.

While this bill is supposed to be about improving the housing supply, it does very little to actually do that. 

What it does do is reduce the involvement and ability to plan or appeal of municipalities and their citizens, the conservation authorities and local planners.

This bill had no consultation with First Nations or municipalities. In fact, it was announced on the Friday afternoon after the municipal elections so that councils were in their lame duck period and were unable to respond at all!

Doug Ford, prior to the last election, promised to protect the Greenbelt by saying: “we will not in any way entertain any proposals that will … open the Greenbelt lands to any kind of development.” He is attempting to break that promise!

This bill strips protections from 7,400 acres of farmland and natural areas, attacking the environment and democratic process at the same time, while pretending to expand housing while paying off developers! Quite a twisted and nasty trick!

Please call your MPP, send emails to Ministers Steve Clark and David Piccini stating your opposition to disempower municipalities, citizens, conservation authorities, and environmental groups while giving voice to utilities and aggregate companies in the appeal process.

Let us see if democracy can prevail!

Donna McCaw,