A head-shaker

Dear Editor:

RE: The Town of Erin releasing information about severances paid to terminated employees between 2012 and 2017.

The new clerk has been a failure throughout this entire FOI process.

And to top it all off, the Facebook video that was released makes a mockery of the system, her position and the town. What a joke to our residents.

Making a video to say “ha, ha, we dragged you through a process and are now releasing the number.” On a Saturday?!

Shame on council and especially the CAO, who said that he hires only the best using taxpayers dollars.  

Yes, we got what we wanted with the release, but the bigger question now is how do we deal with the mismanagement of records, our bylaws, our management, our communications, etc.? 

How do we know that records have not been destroyed? Where’s the proof? Can you prove you have the best and most qualified staff for the positions?

Shaking my head.

David Tweedle,