‘A better tomorrow’

Dear Editor:

So many tragedies, so many shortfalls brought to the headlines; so many wanting to make a difference, but how?

So much pettiness and bickering among you, our elected officials and opposition! So much “I” when we need unity.

Enough with the finger wagging, he-said/she-said, digging up skeletons mentality.

We require your guidance, direction on how we can embrace humanity with kindness, how we can diminish the flames, the toll this virus has imposed on us! A simple “perhaps we could try ______ and this is how we might implement same.”

You in your chosen field of medicine (you remember the one you selected with a desire for better). You see it all; the good, the bad, the inevitable, the heartbreak and joy. You know how wrong isolation is when “imposed restrictions” deprive a patient of holding hands, laughter and comfort while not knowing their fate but anticipating the worst.

In infants you call it “failure to thrive,” in seniors you re-label it end of life – so inconsequential! Actions required to deem yourself “safe” should and could be extended to all who wish to share moments with their loved one.

We cannot change the past but we can unite as one to ignite a spark to resolve the here and now of this current pandemic, this worldwide crisis. When we take the “I” out of you and me, miraculous things can transpire. We can grow from our yesterdays and secure a better world for tomorrow.

We have been witness to several astonishing, wonderful gifts during this journey. “Good Samaritans” have crawled out of the cracks and crevices of this era:

– an army that reached out to the seniors in our long-term care/retirement homes despite COVID-19;

– pilots demonstrating love overhead;

– people cheering and entertaining frontline workers and us from their streets, their balconies;

– unique and amazing ways were found to celebrate the little things, the milestone and the tragedies.

Collaboratively a brutal and violent obstacle of destruction and despair was curtailed with hope (vaccine). The victory and success we can attain when working together has been clearly demonstrated. The imprint remarkable!

We all come from backgrounds and experiences exclusive to us. Some believe in the sciences, some in what is seen, others in things unseen, some faith but we can all walk the walk, greeting people we happen upon (even with masks) asking if perhaps we could say a prayer for them or asking them to say one for us. We don’t need to wait for an invitation.

We were not designed to do life alone, but with purpose; each with a voice, so please let it resound. Build your community, your neighbourhood with love and rejoice in a better tomorrow.

Valerie Clay,