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Moving on and marijuana

by Chris Daponte

As this week marks the inaugural meetings for the new municipal councils that will serve local communities for the next four years, we think it is an important time to thank returning members for their ongoing service.

We sometimes lament politicians griping about their pay (which is generous), but serving on council can be a thankless job. While egos and ethos can appear to take centre stage, in our experience, most mayors and councillors are genuinely interested in doing what’s best for their community.

Of course, it is also important to recognize the accomplishments of those members of council not returning for ...

December 7, 2018

Low expectations

by Patrick Raftis

If the secret to success really is low expectations, perhaps there will be a measure by which the Ontario government’s ...

Pardon the confusion

by Dave Adsett

As the years pass and time seems to speed up, confusion reigns.

Items in the news and a few experiences in ...

Rollout a complete mess

by Patrick Raftis

It’s becoming increasingly obvious the provincial government has made the cannabis legalization process more trying than it needed to be ...

Hope is here

by Dave Adsett

It is a subject that many find difficult to engage in – that of mental health, particularly when it leads ...

Missing class

by Patrick Raftis

Class. It’s not something that’s been on display much of late in political circles around the globe.

Amazingly, given how far ...

A fresh set of eyes

by Dave Adsett

The day my daughter Chloe presented me with this picture, below, out of a colouring book, she would have been ...

Time to reflect

by Patrick Raftis

As we mark 100 years since the end of the First World War on Nov. 11, it’s worth noting that ...

Tom Thumb and the paper ballot

by Dave Adsett

There are few things in life we value more than the right to vote.

The ability to freely mark a ballot ...

A dose of change

by Dave Adsett

It has been an interesting election year in that change didn’t seem to be on many minds.

Numerous councils had positions ...



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Puslinch still says ‘no’ to more noise studies
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Kelly Waterhouse


Chris Daponte: Moving on and marijuana

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