Wellington Advertiser Community Comments Policy and Guidelines

The Wellington Advertiser supports open discussion and dialogue around the issues affecting you and Wellington County. Our Comments section is one of the ways we encourage the open sharing of opinion and feedback.

Comments are ordinarily not moderated or reviewed by us before they are posted. Comments are read by Wellington Advertiser editors after posting. Readers are encouraged to report inappropriate comments using the Report Abuse link that appears beside each comment. Comments we deem to be inappropriate will be removed. Repeated abuse from a reader may result in that person being permanently blocked. The Wellington Advertiser may remove any comment or close a discussion at any time, at its sole discretion.

Due to the controversial nature of some topics, we reserve the option of reviewing comments in advance, or disallowing comments on some topics.

Comments that are prohibited include, but are not limited to: personal attacks on writers, other commentators or members of the public; hateful, discriminatory, sexist, racist or libellous statements, or comments that are legally questionable; vulgarity or anything that could be perceived as threats and/or harassment; allegations offered without substantiation or supporting factual information; anything written in a language other than English; anything written in upper case (the web equivalent of shouting); anything that is not the sole responsibility of the author; and advertising, promotional messages, "spam" and comments unrelated to the topic at hand.

In the event that a comment is removed, the comment will be replaced by the message: "This comment has been removed because it is deemed inappropriate and inconsistent with our Comment Policy and Guidelines."

To post a comment on line, you must first register using your real name and contact information. You have the option of using a different Display Name if you wish, for the purposes of posting comments. We allow this option because we understand that some readers might have difficulty participating in a public discussion for personal or professional reasons. Even though use of a display name offers a measure of anonymity in a public forum, the Wellington Advertiser verifies the email address of comment writers before they are allowed to post on our website. Further, under no circumstances does the Advertiser guarantee anonymity. For legal reasons, we reserve the right to disclose the name and other personal information of users if required to do so at our discretion - including but not limited to law enforcement officials with or without a court order.

All material submitted for publication on our website (including letters, articles and comments) may be published, distributed and stored by the Advertiser, as well as its affiliates, in whole or in part, in print or by any other means (including but not limited to electronically), in perpetuity, without compensation to the author.

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