Horizon Series addresses emerging issues in livestock production

GUELPH – The first in a collection of new “Horizon Series” white papers on topics of interest to the Ontario livestock sector has been released.

The discussion document by Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) focuses on regenerative agriculture and is being complemented by a webinar featuring Dr. Rene Van Acker, Dean of the Ontario Agricultural College, to be held on Feb. 17.

The new initiative is part of LRIC’s ongoing efforts to identify and raise awareness of issues that are affecting the industry or have the potential to do so down the road. Discussion and focused research and innovation activities in these areas will ensure a bright future for Ontario’s livestock sector.

“LRIC’s vision is to create a better future for the farmed animal value chain and part of making that happen is keeping an eye on both opportunities and threats that may be coming at the livestock industry,” says LRIC Chair Oliver Haan. “Many issues, like regenerative agriculture, affect more than just one sector in agriculture and require the type of cross-sector approach that LRIC can offer.”

Each white paper is drafted by LRIC and reviewed by a subject matter expert who serves in the role of contributing editor. The release of each paper is complemented by a webinar that will include a question and answer session with participants. Webinars and white papers will be available on the LRIC website.

Upcoming white paper topics will tackle the subjects of antimicrobial use and resistance, livestock and greenhouse gases, One Health, genomics, sensor data capture and even the prospect of mRNA impact in livestock.

Registration for the Feb. 17 webinar on regenerative agriculture is free.

To register go to https://livestockresearch.ca/event/webinar_regenerative_agriculture. For more information, visit www.livestockresearch.ca.