Health centre construction progressing

The Board of Directors of North Wellington Health Care (NWHC) met on June 16 to discuss Quality Improvement Plan progress, Minto Rural Health Centre construction and NWHC’s financial results.

The board heard that sufficient progress had been made on meeting the organization’s Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) targets aimed at creating a positive patient experience.

“NWHC’s QIP provides a meaningful way for NWHC to clearly articulate accountability to the community, patients and staff,” officials state.

A detailed copy of the plan can be found at

NWHC has updated the QIP target areas for the 2015/16 year and looks forward to continued success in moving the quality of care to an even higher level.

Minto Rural Health Centre (MRHC) construction at the Palmerston District Hospital (PDH) site is progressing well, the corporation notes. Foundation and backfill work has started.

Parking space has become the new challenge at the site. NWHC Staff are working with the municipality to reconfigure the parking lot to create some added spaces.

NWHC Staff members have been asked to avoid parking in the hospital lot to help free-up parking spaces for those most in need.

The parking challenges is expected to be resolved as a new section of parking is built along with the MRHC.

NWHC financial results for the budget year, ending on March 31, indicated that in spite of a growing number of patients in the hospitals this past year the financial operations managed to stay within budget.

“Doing more with the same money is not always possible, and the board was pleased to once again congratulate the staff and administration for maintaining the high quality of care, within the financial constraints of the hospital.”