Gravel pit hearings could last five weeks

Centre Well­ing­ton residents could have a huge op­portunity to sit through Ontario Municipal Board hear­ings in the next few months.
The township just complet­ed a three-day hearing about its ward system, but there is an even bigger one looming – deal­ing with gravel pits. There is a proposal for two gravel pits close to Inverhaugh on County Road 21. Residents of the com­munity are bitterly oppos­ed to both pits.
On Nov. 14, the OMB has a pre-hearing scheduled.
Township Chief Adminis­trative Officer Michael Wood said that two-day exercise is simply to hear motions relating to the proposal.
The real hearing starts Feb. 11 at 10am – and it is scheduled to last 25 days.
Wood said the November meeting will likely be held in the council chambers in Elora, but the main hearing would likely be placed at the Elora community centre.