Government sets organic farming grant

The federal government says it is providing organic farmers with the support they need to tap into new and locally-based markets.

Over $258,000 in spending was announced last week by Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, which will benefit farmers, consumers, and the environment.

“Increasingly, families at home and around the globe are choosing to buy organic food,” said Ritz. “The government is committed to supporting our farmers as they seize these new market opportunities.”

Funding for the project, called Growing Up Organic, is being provided to the Canadian Organic Growers Inc. (COG) through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s national Advan­cing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Program (ACAAF).

“Through this initiative, government, farmers, and in­dustry are ensuring the continued growth of the agricultural sector, and a vibrant future for organic farming in Canada,” said Laura Telford, Executive Director of COG.

Organic farming promotes the sustainable health and productivity of the ecosystem – soil, plants, animals and people. Organic foods are farmed using environmentally sus­tainable production methods, focus­ing on practices such as soil regeneration and water conservation.

The project will help organic farmers tap into locally-based markets such as child care facilities, hospitals and schools, and encourage the transition of conventional farmers and introduce new farmers to organic practices.

The project will also help develop regional organic value chains, including producer cooperatives and the infrastructure needed to support local distribution and storage. That will help farmers by providing a high value, secure market and will provide consumers with in­creased access to regionally grown organic food.

Having local distribution of foods also means a reduction in transportation and greenhouse gas emissions, which benefits the environment.

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