Goudie to star in one man show

GUELPH – Centre Wellington-based theatre manager, playwright and arts animateur Eric Goudie is bringing his one-man show, Have You Flogged Your Crew Today? to the Guelph Fringe Festival, taking place in three venues in the Royal City Aug. 4 to 7.

Goudie is best known in Centre Wellington for his role as the coordinator at the Fergus Grand Theatre. 

Goudie is also a prolific playwright, the creative and executive director of Grinder Productions, his own theatre company, and is an active member of several provincial arts service organizations.

In Have You Flogged Your Crew Today? Goudie takes to the stage himself, and tells the story of how he came to love the theatre, and all the absurd, hilarious, and pathetic things he did along the way, from missed cues and exploding props, to falling hammers and an actor who quit in the middle of a show, and much, much more, officials say.  

He tells his story with wit, warmth, and a maybe a little bit too much self-deprecation.

“I’ve told a lot of stories over the years,” says Goudie,  adding, “but never my own. 

“And I’m not making any of this stuff up – it all actually happened. I name no names, but I tell no lies.”

The show is not just for theatre people, but for anyone that ever made a million mistakes on the path to learning to do something they love.

Have You Flogged Your Crew Today? plays at the Red Brick Café on Aug. 4 and 6. 

Tickets are available in advance at theguelphfringefestival.ca, and at the door.