Dakota’s Minto turns 125

As one Minto wraps up a year of celebration, another is set to start another.
Last year, Minto, North Dak­ota Mayor John Riskey came to Minto, Ontario to take part in the 150th anniversary of Minto Township.
This year, the city of Minto, North Dakota is turning 125.
At a recent council session, local Minto Mayor David Anderson commented that last year, Minto North Dakota’s mayor was invited to take part in the 150th anniversary celebrations.
Since then, the town has received copies of the Walsh County Record, which covers their sister city.
In it, Anderson noted a recent article quoting that may­or on how well he was re­ceived in Minto, Canada.
Anderson said he wants to give councillors a heads-up on the good impression in what he hopes will be a long lasting relationship.
He laster quipped that he might get down for the North Dakota 125th celebrations whether he is officially invited or not.