Council approves improvements to Boreham and Puslinch Community Centre parks

PUSLINCH – Puslinch council approved plans for Boreham Park and the Puslinch Community Centre Park at its July 13 meeting.

And while they chose the more expensive options, it means larger play structures and increased shaded space for community gatherings and casual family picnics.

Councillors saw added value in the added cost.

Brad Smith, senior landscape architect with Seferian Design Group, presented two concept plans for each park.

At the Puslinch Community Centre, the existing parking lot, community centre, library, Optimist Recreation Centre, baseball diamonds, soccer field, tennis courts and horse paddock remain.

Both concept plans add a second parking lot behind the ball diamond, a gathering space between the diamond and horse paddock, and meandering walkways linking the tennis courts, existing soccer field and baseball diamond. This path would link with the existing trailhead in both concepts as well.

What’s different is the configuration of the parking lot and the connecting pathway, the size of the shade structure in the gathering place, and the distance between the pathway and the slope to the soccer field, which is currently used for spectators to watch the games.

Mayor James Seeley said he preferred concept “B” because of the parking lot configuration and the fact there is more regard for pedestrians through the parking lot.

“It also facilitates expanding the trail,” he said.

The cost for concept “A” is $1.18 million; for concept “B” it’s $1.35 million.

The main difference between the two concepts presented for Boreham park is size. Both concepts have a play structure, a climbing structure and a shade structure but they are almost doubled in size in concept “B.”

Council approved this plan for Boreham Park in Puslinch as well. Image from council agenda package


“It’s not extravagant to have two picnic tables,” said councillor Matthew Bulmer, who preferred concept “B” for Boreham.

The cost for concept “A” is $181,807; for concept “B” it’s $208,882.

Park improvements are in the 2021, 2022 and 2023 capital budgets but an additional $352,964 is required. To cover the additional cost, staff proposed the following:

  • $165,184 from the Investing in Infrastructure program;
  • $159,059 from fundraising and cash in lieu; and
  • $28,721 from development charges.

Council also directed staff to apply for a Trillium grant for the Boreham Park playground. The grant has an upset limit of $150,000.

“The 2023 capital budget for the Boreham Park Playground project will be updated if the township is successful in this grant funding application,” reads the staff report.

With unanimous support for concept “B” for both parks, staff will now put the contracts out to tender.