Copernicus donates wetland in Mapleton to Escarpment Biosphere

MAPLETON – Copernicus Educational Products announced Sept. 17 that 50 acres of reforested land here, containing provincially significant wetland and two ponds, is now designated as a nature reserve.

Company officials state the move protects the land in perpetuity.

By working through the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy, which works with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for approval, the rolling forested land, located in Mapleton Township, just outside of Arthur on the 18th Line, is now protected from future development.

In 2017, Copernicus also entered into a conservation agreement with the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy for the 87 acres surrounding its facility outside of Arthur.

“With record amounts of land being destroyed, (including the recent degradation of the Amazon Rainforest), we believe it is our responsibility to conserve as much as we can for future generations of humans and wildlife alike,” explained Julia Scullion, social environmental responsibility coordinator at Copernicus.

The land is currently home to threatened species such as the bobolink songbird and the monarch butterfly.

Officials say they can rest assured knowing their habitat will be protected regardless of who owns the property in the future.

Since 1989, Copernicus Educational Products has been a leading North American designer and manufacturer of classroom furniture and technology solutions.