Clifford “˜Field of Dreams”™ project to begin in 2015

Minto council has approved servicing and grading proposals in a detailed site plan for a new residential development in Clifford.

The sale of the former Clifford ball field to developer Schwindt and Son’s was set to  close on Jan. 23.

The land was sold for $180,000 plus a $60,000 contribution toward servicing.

The detailed site plan presented at the Jan. 20 meeting indicates the project, which the developer has dubbed, “Field of Dreams” will include 14 single-storey townhouse units with basements – seven on Brown Street and seven on William Street, separated by a park and stormwater management pond to be retained by the town.

A stonedust walkway winds through the park/pond from the easement out to Brown Street at the northeast edge of the property out to William Street on the edge of the Clifford arena property.

A staff report states the site plan submission includes considerable detail and represents “a positive level of urban design.  

“The new units along with the park-like setting in behind will be an attractive addition to the neighbourhood,” states the report, which was accepted by council subject to a standard development agreement being executed.

Construction is expected to begin in 2015 on the four units on Brown Street.