Budget and funding: Guelph-Eramosa briefs

The 2015 municipal budget and council remuneration were a few of the topics discussed at the Guelph-Eramosa Feb. 17 council meeting.

Budget passed

Guelph-Eramosa council passed its 2015 budget of $16.9 million at the Feb. 17 meeting. Spending includes $1.7 million for general government, $1.9 million for protection of persons and property, $5 million for transportation, $6.2 million for environmental, $1.8 million for recreation and culture services and $270,541 for planning and development.

Revenues contributing to the budget include $5.7 million from taxes, $6.2 million from environmental, $2.3 million from transportation, $943,766 from recreation and culture services, $908,677 from general government, $805,809 from protection to persons and property and $65,250 from planning and development.

Council remuneration

Council approved a salary of $15,791.07 per year for Mayor Chris White and $13,527.11 per year for ward councillors. $85 will be paid to the mayor and councillors when they attend meetings/events in their capacity as mayor or councillor.

The mayor will get $500 per year in mileage for use of his own car for official business.

Members of council receive $130 for attending conferences, conventions and workshops, full day meetings, and giving evidence at judicial hearings/legislative body.

They also receive mileage for each kilometre driven when using their own vehicles for official business. They will also be reimbursed for expenses when attending events approved by a resolution.