August is now the busiest month of the year on our fridge calendar, and I’m excited for it all. Bring it, August. I’m ready. 

I hear people saying things like “I can’t believe summer is almost over.” Stop it. Stop it right now. There are weeks of fun yet to be had before we use the “s” word (“September” – or “school” if you are feeling particularly cruel).

Let’s not rush a good thing, okay? I haven’t even been to a cottage yet. I haven’t visited my favourite chip truck in the Kawarthas or danced at a music festival. Pump the brakes, guys. 

Kicking August off with a long weekend is fabulous. This will give the Carpenter and I time to coordinate our efforts for the month ahead. We’ve got plans to make, budgets to draft and calendars to align, because due to our independent lives and schedules, this will be the last weekend I spend any quality time with him before September. 

Can you imagine how happy that makes him? Yeah, I know. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but independence keeps the relationship stronger, or something like that. 

Of course, it ups our text flirting game. You have to keep that spark lit when you’re too busy to be together. For the next month, they will read something like this: “I will be late. Don’t wait up” (which is sarcastic, because neither of us can stay awake past 11pm), or “Whoever you are, can you please stop snoring and set the alarm for 6am before you leave?” That one is my favourite.

On a happy note, the Carpenter will celebrate his birthday next week. It’s a good luck birthday: double fives on the fifth of August. It’s not a significant age number for most, but for him, it’s a biggie. I think this will be a very exciting year of changes and new adventures for my Carpenter. 

So naturally, we’ll celebrate his birthday. I am thinking of buying him takeout dinner, birthday cake and new underwear. 

Seriously, if you saw what I see daily, you’d want him to have new underwear, too. He doesn’t need another golf shirt or Seattle Seahawks ball cap. Underwear. Enough said. 

But aside from that, the Carpenter will be a very busy guy because August is his volunteer month. It’s his annual “coming out of the garage and into society” month. 

This year he added the Fergus Scottish Festival to his volunteer gigs because his Scottish ancestors haunted him in his sleep and told him to do it. So bossy. 

I’m kidding. The Carpenter has long enjoyed this event and learning about his Scottish genealogy. 

Now I’m shopping for a kilt for him. He says there is no (expletive) way he would wear a kilt, with his chicken legs (I may have added that part), but I am all for it. That way, he will come to appreciate the above noted birthday gift or learn about chafing. His call. 

Follow that up with the Carpenter’s favourite event, Riverfest Elora, which will have him working in a toolbelt. 

Now I’m distracted by the idea of the Carpenter in a kilt and a toolbelt. Sigh. Maybe he can wear them to the cottage. 

Let’s not rush August, okay?

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