Article attracted buyer interest

– Even though Wellington North May­or Mike Broomhead agreed discussions regarding Westario were reported perfectly in local Newspapers, it does not appear that what was written was what people actually read.
Broomhead explained that the municipality has not entertained a decision to sell off Wellington North Power – but that it is willing to listen to whatever proposal is being offered by Westario.
Recent Newspaper reports have also spawned additional interest in the local utility.
Broomhead said he has re­ceived a letter from Orange­ville Hydro Limited president George Dick, who expressed an interest in the utility.
The letter stated “A recent Wellington Advertiser article in­dicated that the council may be listening to a proposal from Westario Power.
“Orangeville Hydro would be interested in providing the Township of Wellington North with a proposal to purchase, merge with, or a combination of the two with Wellington North Power.
“As you may be aware, Orangeville Hydro is currently in the process of merging with Grand Valley Energy.”
Broomhead said, “again, council has given no consideration at this point to sell Well­ington North Power.”
The discussion was only to listen to what was being of­fered.
“No decision would be made until we hear what they have to say,” Broomhead said.