Arnott stresses economic benefits of Highway 6 bypass in Morriston

PUSLINCH – Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott continues his efforts to keep the Morriston bypass project at the forefront of the province’s initiatives.

On Aug. 14 Puslinch councillors reviewed Arnott’s July 25 letter to Ontario Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney.

Arnott stated that on July 15, he met with the MTO’s director of stakeholders and appointments Ryan Amato, about the need for the Highway 6 Morriston Bypass.

His letter was a follow-up on that conversation.

“As I have previously shared with you and your predecessors, the Highway 6 Morriston Bypass project was previously set as a transportation infrastructure priority.”

Arnott stated “I know you will want to consider this project for the government’s short-term investment plan as a way to improve the flow of traffic along our major highways and bring new economic opportunities to the province.”

Arnott commented that he has assertively supported  this project for many years, on behalf of his constituents.


“Highway 6 is an important economic corridor, which links Wellington County and the 401 to the Hamilton/Niagara Region, and onwards to the United States border.

Arnott noted the current bottleneck on Highway 6 in Morriston causes traffic jams that often extend for several kilometres.

“Over the years, we have established a strong economic case for prioritizing the Highway 6 Morriston Bypass. A review of your ministry’s files will confirm that building it will benefit a large area of the province and support job creation and retention,” he added.

Arnott attached a number of slides from the Morriston Bypass Coalition, which include many major corporations, including Sleemans, Maple Leaf Foods, and Tim Hortons, as well as many business and community organizations, further highlighting the economic benefits of the bypass.          

“Working together, we advocated across party lines to secure the Ministry of Transportation’s support for the Highway 6 Morriston Bypass.”

Arnott stated “We welcomed the former government’s announcement on March 29, 2016 that the project would proceed.”

“It is my hope that the Highway 6 Morriston Bypass be included in the ministry’s new Highway Capital Plan, as it has a strong business case and had previously been announced as a priority by the Government of Ontario.”

Arnott then asked to be kept in informed on any updates to this important project.