4-H Heritage Club

On April 2 the club met at the home of leader Lynne Flewwelling for its first meeting.

Our project is Our Heritage. We opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge.  We voted for: President, Rebecca Grose; Vice President, Valerie Koepke; Secretary, Jackie Shaw; and Press Reporter, Morgan Mitchell. Other members are Laura Shaw, Tara Vandenberg, Jessica Martin, and Davin Grose. 

After the elections, we gathered to discuss the topic of what heritage meant.

 We talked about the history of maple syrup, baked some maple oatmeal squares, and while they were cooking, added 10 cups water to a quarter of a cup of maple syrup to reverse the process of sap to syrup.

We tried both the sap and syrup with our squares.  The meeting ended with good byes and we went home.

On April 16, the 4-H Members met at leader Cathy Dobben’s home at for its second meeting. 

After we said the 4-H Pledge, had secretary and press reports, we were handed a paper that had a list of important things that someone coming to this new land in the 1800s would need to have.

We had to rate the items as the most important. As it turned out, seeds were the most important and money was the least.

We discussed some things pioneers would use and do and looked at some old postcards and books.

After that we planted some seeds of heritage kinds.

The meeting passed by very quickly and eventually we consumed the snacks and drinks provided by Jackie and Laura Shaw.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.