“˜Tis the season for winter break-ins

The West Region Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are reminding all citizens that break-ins often occur after the Christmas holidays end and the traveling season begins.

It is common knowledge that during the Christmas season many people are the recipients of some very nice gifts, police note.  

“Sadly this is also the time of year when perpetrators target homes with the hopes of stealing all the new gifts received over the holidays,” police state.

 The OPP suggests a “sure fire” way to prevent advertising what gifts you received is to ensure the boxes they came in are carefully packaged for disposal, not showing what the box contained and only left out just prior to garbage collection. This will prevent would-be-thieves from knowing what new gifts you received.

Of course the usual crime prevention tips always apply such as locking doors and keeping personal affects secure at all times. Staggering the amount of boxes put into the garbage each week is another way to avoid advertising how many new gifts are potentially in the home.

For those leaving to warmer climates over the next several weeks, the OPP recommends ensuring their home is secure, someone is looking after it and it has a “lived in” look. Having someone keep the driveway clear of snow and picking up Newspapers and/or mail is an added security measure. In fact having a neighbour park their vehicle in unattended driveways will give it the added perception someone is home.   

For more tips on crime prevention visit the OPP home page at www.opp.ca.