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Bright lights?

Dear Editor:

A recent article in the Advertiser stated Guelph Hydro, the company that powers the street lights in Rockwood, is set to convert 335 non-decorative lights in Rockwood to LED bulbs.

The lengthy story went on to discuss how the new bulbs would be financed. Usually I am interested in expenses, but not this time. I have, however, a few more important questions.

Do the residents of Rockwood want LED lights? How do we know? Have they been consulted through a town hall meeting, through a referendum, or e-mail?

What are the advantages of the new bulbs compared to the old?

Just because they are new doesn’t mean they are better, needed or wanted. What are the disadvantages? Research by scientists in this field point out that not all LED bulbs are the same.

What type of bulbs will be installed? The research advises caution. Depending on what Guelph Hydro selects, Rockwood residents may, or may not, be happy with the change.

The not-so-happy result is the continuing disappearance of the night sky, disorientation of animal night life, and a light that is so bright, or glaring, that it can lead to sleep disturbance.

So I would urge all of us in Rockwood to phone Guelph Hydro and Mayor Chris White to ask some important questions, with the aim of slowing down this project until residents are better informed.

What “disaster” would fall on all of us if we simply said, “No thanks?”

If LED lights are installed in Rockwood, every resident will notice the difference. We should find out before it is too late.


Janet Calderwood, ROCKWOOD

Duck race winners

Dear Editor:

The Grand Valley Lions club would like to thank all who made our 22nd Annual Duck Race such a success.  To the many volunteers, and businesses who sold tickets, thank you.

Thank you to Ron and Jason Wilson of Grand Valley Crane Rentals for the dropping of our ducks.

The 2017 Duck Race prize winners include:

1. $1,000 sponsored by A & P Walker & Son Trucking, #2639, Doug Cartwright, Orangeville;

2. $1,000 sponsored by Grand Valley Wind Farms, #801, Alana Mitchell, Orangeville;    

3. $1,000 sponsored by Orica Canada Inc., #986, Bettina Martin, Amaranth;

4. $600 sponsored by Thomasfield Homes, #1677, Scott Longstreet, Grand Valley;

5. $525 sponsored by Direct Plastics, a Novolex company, #2755, Andrea McFadden, Palmerston;

6. $525 sponsored by Grand Valley Home Hardware, #2018, Ron Chicoluk, Amaranth;

7. $520 sponsored by Amaranth Esso, #2249, Jim Bellamy, Fergus;

8. $501 sponsored by Greenwood Construction, #1029, Carter Callaway, Grand Valley;

9. $500 sponsored by Deckers’ Tire Service, #1100, Doreen Cook, Shelburne;

10. $500 sponsored by Speedy Auto Glass, #768,     Cathy Mitchell, Grand Valley    

11. $500 sponsored by All-Mont Garage Doors, #2620, Donny Lundy, Everett;

12. $500 sponsored by WINMAR, #3160, Andrea Lawson, Grand Valley;

13. $500 sponsored by R J Burnsides, #179, Jeff Beckett, Grand Valley;

14. $300 sponsored by Orangeville Pre-Cast Concrete, #705, Nat Alexander, Grand Valley;

15. $300 sponsored by Mortgage Centre - Central Mortgage Solutions, #78, Jeremy Ahlborn, Amaranth;

16. $300 sponsored by Ace Hardware, #116, Krysia Fenech, Grand Valley;

17. $275 sponsored by Brampton Plumbing and Heating, #1977, Tammy McQueen, Grand Valley.

For a complete list of winners, visit


Randy McClelland,

Government inaction

Dear Editor:

Dogs can have ticks identified and tested for Lyme disease usually within a week.

Humans living in Ontario wait up to three months for the same service. The test used is not inclusive of all the types of Lyme disease in the environment and diagnosis is missed.

Effective treatment is available if caught early. In older people the bacteria can reside in tissue that is hard to treat if left. Apart from being debilitating, Lyme disease can kill its human host.

There is nothing new in the above and the government is fully informed of the facts. For some reason they do not want to act.

Chris Woode, FERGUS

Grandmothers grateful

Dear Editor:

The Grandmothers of the Grand send a huge thank you to all who attended our “Magical Night to Remember” on June 2, and those who donated but were unable to attend.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed it. We thank our sponsors who helped to make the event successful. They are Wrighthaven Homes, Reliable Motors, Elora Optometry, Ward Hearing, Grand River Physio, George Mochrie and ICS computers.

Also, many thanks to our entertainers: magician James Alan; auctioneer Jerry Schramek; and musicians Madison Galloway, Kyle Binden and Michael Gora; and to the artists who donated their works to the cause. All proceeds went to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

The Grandmothers of the Grand, FERGUS

Inclusion, acceptance

Dear Editor:

When Wellington Heights Secondary School (WHSS) in Mount Forest opened its doors in 2004, there was concern on how the integration of rival schools would unfold.

Of course there were growing pains, but in large measure, students welcomed each other, and were welcomed by staff, in the spirit of the new school’s motto: “Pride, respect and friendship.”

This motto of inclusion and acceptance of others is what some members of our community and the Upper Grand District School Board (UGDSB) need to be reminded of again.

I say this after reading about the pride flag being taken down at WHSS due to complaints and ultimately the cowardice of UGDSB to stand up for what is right and reasonable.

I am deeply disappointed that through an “interpretation” of federal “guidance” on how to hang a flag, that the complaints of the few will translate into a manifestation of intolerance and homophobia in our community.

Perhaps those who complained got what they wanted through a technicality. But they are not going to stop our community from living in the 21st century.

Let’s stand up for inclusiveness! Our students surely are. In solidarity with the students. In solidarity with the LGBTQ community. In solidarity with progressiveness.




James Craig, ARTHUR

OHIP info

Dear Editor:

I am a great supporter of OHIP as well as all the hard working medical practitioners, but I do believe that there are some beneficial changes that could be made to the process.

Firstly, each time a claim is made to OHIP for patient services, a brief invoice should be sent to the patient from OHIP. There would be no need to show the amount involved, just a record of the visit and the date, along with instructions as to what government official to contact if the information is incorrect.

This might deter some of the “double dipping” reported in the press from time to time but, more importantly, the unauthorized use of a card as described below.

Secondly, those old red cards should be replaced by the newer picture cards, because the former, without pictures, are a great incentive to be misused.

Finally, at tax time, a notice should be sent to everyone showing the total amount paid by OHIP for the calendar year on their behalf as well as a cumulative figure going as far back as possible.

This might make us a bit more relaxed regarding  the amount of income tax we are required pay.

Max MacIntyre, ELORA

Proud teacher

Dear Editor:

I have been a Math teacher at Wellington Heights Secondary School (WHSS) for the past 13 years.

As I read the Advertiser last weekend, it brought a proud tear to my eye seeing the positive stories about our small high school’s students and staff.

Thank you for sharing those stories with the community about the many great things we are achieving at “The Heights.”

As the union rep (OSSTF) at our school, I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank the incredible staff at WHSS. Our small staff goes above and beyond everyday to make sure our students have the opportunities that students would have in a school three times our size.

From extracurricular sports and activities, field trips, trips abroad, clubs and committees, mental health awareness days, community outreach, and environmental initiatives to bringing in record amounts of fundraising dollars to local and national charities, our staff not only provide mentorship, direction and motivation to our students but they always make sure to lead by example.

But we cannot do it alone, so I would also like to thank local groups, companies, and organizations, and the Upper Grand District School Board, who help us to provide these great learning opportunities for our students.

As educational workers, we don’t always get the best press, so, again, thank you for sharing our positive stories and thank you to my colleagues at “The Heights” for making this such a great year!




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