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The Wellington Advertiser encourages letters to the editor.
You may, if you wish, submit your letter online.

Appreciates coverage

Dear Editor:

Thank you very much for your coverage of Puslinch Township.  My brother and I appreciate it a great deal.  

We are pleased with the comprehensive coverage and clear explanations given of Puslinch council meetings, as well as accounts of celebrations, events and crimes, such as the recent arsons.

We realize that covering Puslinch entails more effort than reporting on happenings in the northern part of Wellington County, stationed as the Wellington Advertiser is in Fergus and separated as Puslinch is from the main body of the county by the city of Guelph.

Thank you to Mike Robinson for a job well done and to editor Chris Daponte, who preceded Mike as reporter for this township.

Marjorie Clark, PUSLINCH

Hockey helpers

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to thank everyone involved behind the scenes with Centre Wellington Minor Hockey.

At times it can be a thankless job, and your efforts will fall unappreciated. But thanks to you, my wife and I get to enjoy watching and working with our kids and others playing this game of hockey.

It’s a place to be on those cold Sunday mornings, with a cup of coffee, lacing up a kid’s skates who is dying to hit the ice. Your hard work and the support of our community makes the rink feel like home away from home.

So on behalf of parents and players alike, we thank-you! Keep up the great work!

Tom Dickinson, ELORA

Keep dogs on leash

Dear Editor:

It seems more and more people in Fergus like to have their dogs off-leash in their yards.

Having loose dogs in town creates a lot of challenges for people in the community and safety issues for people and dogs. We walk our leashed dogs in our neighbourhood and around town; however, we are finding there are more streets we have to avoid because of off-leash dogs, than streets we can freely walk down.

On-leash and off-leash dog encounters rarely go smoothly and I don’t feel it’s fair to put dogs or humans in that situation. Many people use our sidewalks – some people have stability issues, some face physical challenges and some have a fear of dogs.

Surprise visits from off-leash dogs can create numerous challenges and I think it’s important we are considerate of all members of our community. Our sidewalks should be a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

The on-leash dog law is in place for the good of our community so I will continue to abide by it and hope others will consider this before letting their dogs run loose. Fergus has a wonderful dog park where off-leash dogs are embraced.

Meghan Burke, FERGUS

Priority is safety

Dear Editor:

RE: The front page story in the Advertiser (Fergus lab among those investigated by public health unit, March 10).

At LifeLabs, we take a great deal of pride in raising the bar on quality service and experience for our patients, exceeding their expectations. At its core, that includes protecting the safety of all our patients by meeting and exceeding the standards required of us.

Our patient service centres (PSCs) across the province, and particularly in Fergus and surrounding communities, have always met required provincial standards of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and our accreditation body, the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare.

The Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) unit requested that we take additional infection control steps when they visited our PSCs in these communities, and we complied with this request in December, but at no point was patient safety at-risk.

The ministry has confirmed that these LifeLabs PSCs were always in compliance of required standards in caring for our patients. The matter is considered closed and we continue to work collaboratively with the WDGPH and the ministry.

I encourage the residents of Fergus to visit their local LifeLabs PSC. They will meet the most dedicated team, who wake up every day committed to exceeding the expectations of their patients, and where protecting their patient’s safety is non-negotiable.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank the residents of Fergus for the support and understanding they have shown our dedicated team, who takes their role in improving and protecting your health very seriously.

For patients or community members who may have additional questions, please contact our call centre at 1-877-849-3637.

Sue Paish,

Report suggestions

Dear Editor:

RE: The OPP Annual Report.

As a taxpayer I would like to see that I am getting value for money spent. Therefore I am offering some suggestions.

Standardize the OPP report so people can see the performance we are getting year to year. Some suggested areas for year-to-year comparisons include: utilize the “Top 10 calls for criminal offenses”; offer the total cost of policing and the number of officers year to year; include performance criteria like number of crimes per category versus number of crimes solved and successfully prosecuted.

I suggest other citizens or county councillor Lynda White and her team probably have suggestions to add to this list. With a standardized report, taxpayers might feel they are getting value for their tax dollars.

John Bossie, PUSLINCH

There is no ‘crisis’

Dear Editor:

RE: Cultural suicide, March 10.

It is one thing to read about such rhetoric emanating from far away places. It is quite another to experience it in this community.

There is no migration crisis eroding our culture. There is no “our culture” or one way of life in a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious society.

The individuals who make up the “type and amount of immigration” are human beings with inalienable human rights. There is no Islamization of western civilization. Canada has not relaxed immigrant vetting. Multiculturalism is a sociological fact in Canada.

No individual has a sole purpose. All migrants here take advantage of Canada’s generosity.

The Indian Act (and its historical flaws) is a Canadian law not one of two sets of laws. Sharia does not creep, is allowed only in some Ontario civil arbitrations and only if both parties consent. Decisions cannot conflict with Canadian civil law.

Deportation is often the wrong punishment for undocumented migration which is a breach of civil not criminal law. Some municipal police officers do not report undocumented migrants for that reason.

The writer asserts no concerns with Muslims or others from the Middle East, yet apparently has a fear of migrants spreading Islamization and Sharia law. That seems a little disingenuous to me.

I defend free speech and the right of any media outlet to publish citizen comments. But it behooves all outlets, mainstream or otherwise, to vet comments for their potential to incite hatred toward identifiable groups. Let’s stop hate speech and all its associated ugliness.

Alan Gerrie, FERGUS

Violates rights

Dear Editor:

The Wynne government is poised to pass Bill 84, which forces physicians to take a patient’s life or refer them to someone who would.

If Bill 84 passes without any amendments to allow for consciences rights, Ontario will be the only jurisdiction in the world that forces physicians to act against their moral convictions and/or personal beliefs.

The Coalition for Healthcare and Conscience represents more than 110 healthcare facilities with almost 18,000 care beds and 60,000 staff and over 5,000 physicians across Canada.

Their members all agree that taking a patient’s life or referring for this procedure violates at least one of the following; the Hippocratic Oath, religious convictions, mission and values, professional ethics, creed, or deeply held conviction that health care should heal people, not hasten death.

Bill 84 as it is now written violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 2, freedom of conscience and religion; Section 15 protects against discrimination).

Please contact your MPP and ask that Bill 84 be amended to protect the conscience rights of our valued doctors and caregivers.

Without this protection many doctors and caregivers will cease to practice in Ontario.

Pat Woode, FERGUS

‘Fake news’

Dear Editor:

A commentator recently focused on the New Dark Age that Westerners appear to be living in. I think the letter Cultural suicide (March 10) brings home that point.

If Ashley Woods wants to talk about “cultural suicide” maybe he should have mentioned what we, the so-called enlightened white Anglo-Saxons, attempted to do to the Aboriginals.

We took their land, broke treaties that had been signed, put them on reservations and then in residential schools, where they were beaten for speaking in their native language, poorly clothed and starved. Hundreds died and that is a real fact, not some “alternative fact” from Breitbart or other fake news sources.

As for the failure of socialism and multiculturalism, take a trip into Toronto, Vancouver or if you like New York City or Los Angeles and see if it has failed. Leave the confines of Centre Wellington and take a trip to the Nordic countries which are ranked always ranked number one. Guess what? They have democratic socialism where people live middle class lives.

As for the nonsense of Sharia Law, can you tell me where in Ontario or in Canada it exists? What nonsense.

Stop listening to Brietbart or Rebel Media and think for a change.

By the way, we are all immigrants.

Jim Trautman, RR1 ORTON

‘Fringe candidates’

Dear Editor:

There are more than a dozen candidates running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Their resumes are impressive. Many have experience in government, are fully bilingual, and those who aren’t are working to improve their French.

Michael Chong, who represents this area, has stood his ground on championing a revenue neutral carbon tax, even though his opponents don’t see this as a viable, winning strategy.

One or two of the candidates receive the lion’s share of media (radio, television, print etc.) attention, namely Kelly Leitch and Kevin O’Leary. Why does the media do this? They are outliers, fringe candidates whose policy proposals receive little or no traction within the party.

Leitch does not have the inclusive leadership skills, nor broad support, among members who take pride in being Conservative and in the person they select to speak for them. The party isn’t looking for Donald Trump Canadian style. It hopes to select someone who works well with others, has a commitment to Canada and its future, as well as lead a strong opposition to the Liberal Party.

A true democracy requires at least two competitive parties. Let’s hear more in the mainstream media about the other candidates such as: Lisa Raitt, Steven Blaney, Erin O’Toole, Brad Trost, Andrew Scheer and others.

I am exhausted reading and hearing about the two leadership candidates the media is obsessed with, and who won’t be leading the Conservative Party after May 27.

Janet Calderwood, ROCKWOOD

‘It’s your health’

Dear Editor:

RE: Fergus lab among those investigated by public health unit, March 10.

The LifeLabs fiasco is ridiculous. It’s good we have alert people going to the labs to report practices that do not meet required health standards.

The health unit should be required to inspect these labs on a regular basis, unannounced, and then post the results on the front door.

Why did this investigation take four months to be made public? The health unit should have made this public right away.

It wasn’t until the news media reported on the investigation that LifeLabs officials went into damage control.

When the health unit did its inspection Chris Beveridge, director of health inspection, reported LifeLabs officials “weren’t terribly cooperative,” but in a recent letter to the editor (Priority is safety, March 17) CEO Sue Paish says they complied to the health unit request. Sure they complied - or else they would have been shut down.

Remember, if you see something not right, question it and report it to the health unit.

It’s your health and your life. Protect it.

Jay Alexander, FERGUS

‘Pond liability’

Dear Editor:

RE: Hillsburgh library set for construction, March 17

In this article Warden Dennis Lever states, “It is our pond. We do not believe that someone else can drain our pond.” Why not emphasize something more positive instead?

Such nonsense emphasizes why exactly the warden needs to be publicly elected like a mayor for the next municipal election.  

Lever please tell county taxpayers why county council would buy such a pond liability without any plan whatsoever.

The county has not paid one cent of the pond’s environmental assessment costs, but  dumped them on unsuspecting Erin taxpayers - for the county’s pond no less!

This is just another Wellington County screw job!

Lou Maieron, ERIN

‘Unwanted side effects’

Dear Editor:

RE: Freedom of conscience, March 3.

This letter stated that our province’s Bill C-14 will force doctors and health care workers to take part in assisted suicide - even if they do not wish to cause death.

Surely Ontario citizens do not want this! Are your readers even aware of this new law?

Life is very precious to us and our doctors spend their whole lives to help us stay alive. Must these caring health workers now be forced to deny their conscience ?

We still have the right to live, but surely we need to permit our doctors to be allowed to keep on trying to help us stay alive.

The assisted euthanasia law can have unwanted side effects.

Sytske Drijber,, ROCKWOOD

‘Way to go, Trudeau’

Dear Editor:

Conveniently on March 8, or International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the three-year plan to spend $650-million of our hard-earned taxpayers’ money.

Let’s not be fooled here, this plan is essentially a move to battle anti-abortion laws worldwide under the guise of helping women who face constant fear of rape, forced marriage, genital mutilation, etc. The former should be in a totally different category than the latter; they are two separate things.

Our government here is only concerned with women’s reproductive ‘rights’ simply because the American’s understandably dropped their support for this global program.

I say “understandably” because it’s a lot of money for something the other countries can figure out for themselves. Since when does our government feel obliged to force their opinion on other countries anyway, as if they know best?

How would you feel if President Donald Trump announced on Mother’s Day that the American government wants to spend $650 million to support the pro-life movement here in Canada. I’d love it, but almost every selfish person in this country wouldn’t.

I am just amazed that our government has found yet one more way to squander our taxes and they did it in record time, too!

Where’s the support for climate change they promised a while back? I think $650 million dollars would go a long way to combat that. Or better yet, inject that money back into our own health care and/or education system so that we can avoid all the threats of strikes for the next three years. Or what about our infrastructure? Way to go Trudeau, way to go (sarcasm intended).

Doug Vanderveen, BELWOOD

‘Wistful anachronism’

Dear Editor:

RE: Cultural suicide and C6 frustration, March 10.

The writers of both these letters state wide-ranging ‘facts’ without a hint of backing them up.

Unless these writers happen to be indigenous, they are claiming entitlement to keep the status quo in place as suits their family’s roots in Canada.  

Face it:  the vast majority of us are immigrants or descendants of same (disclosure:  I have been in Canada since 1968).

The world is changing, and Canada must change as well. We have a disproportionate share of the world’s resources, and we are going to have to develop new ways of dealing with this disparity.

Simply shutting out the rest of the world will become a wistful anachronism.




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