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Drones, robots and thinking

by Dave Adsett

Few will argue that innovation makes life easier.

From electricity to the automobile to mechanized manufacturing processes, our lives are much simpler than what was experienced by previous generations.

Computers, the internet, nuclear energy, super-glue, epi-pens and duct tape were brought to light by military innovators.

The irony of that point is not lost on us. Organizations given a mandate to protect yet kill when required, hardly seem to be the wisest incubators for mankind’s latest inventions. But they are.

The point has been debated for decades, with those questioning the status quo often written off by hawkish politicians as left-wing radicals running amok ...

March 24, 2017

Stopping scams is everyone’s job

by Patrick Raftis

Local bank staff are being credited with helping to prevent a despicable scam from becoming worse.

Wellington County OPP officers were ...

THINK before hitting ‘send’

by Chris Daponte

This may come as a shock to those under 30, but many of us older adults feel lucky we attended ...

Safeguarding firefighters

by Patrick Raftis

A bill aimed at safeguarding firefighters will be voted on in the Ontario legislature on April 6. The Rea and ...

Leitch quiz gets failing grade

by Patrick Raftis

It seems we may have misjudged her.

Turns out federal Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch’s proposed Canadian values test for immigrants ...

Sorting the spin

by Chris Daponte

Upon his retirement several years ago, former colleague David Meyer made an astute observation about a major flaw in current-day ...

It’s time to speak out

by Dave Adsett

A sage reporter once pointed out that in the grand scheme of things, whether the subject matter is small-town politics, ...

Making friends

by Dave Adsett

It took a few weeks, but we think we have a new friend.

He was pretty stand-offish at first. Any time ...

Musings of the month that was

by Dave Adsett

The first football game we watched this season was the Superbowl. It was the first time such an event was ...

What really matters

by Dave Adsett

It’s amusing what a difference a week or two makes.

In that time, priorities can change. Certainly the world has changed ...



Community Guide Spring 2017


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Dave Adsett: Drones, robots and thinking

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