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Mapleton 2017 Community Guide
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It’s time to speak out

by Dave Adsett

A sage reporter once pointed out that in the grand scheme of things, whether the subject matter is small-town politics, an unspoken scandal or a crime unsolved, someone always talks.

It often takes time but eventually the shield of immunity wears down and the truth comes out. Rather than wait until that eventuality, we are pleading on behalf of Crime Stoppers that someone speaks out now.

Since last September, 13 suspicious fires have ravaged structures and destroyed property.

Abandoned homes and rustic structures have been targeted. Along with that, out-buildings with hay and straw have been burned out, as well as a successful ...

February 24, 2017

Making friends

by Dave Adsett

It took a few weeks, but we think we have a new friend.

He was pretty stand-offish at first. Any time ...

Musings of the month that was

by Dave Adsett

The first football game we watched this season was the Superbowl. It was the first time such an event was ...

What really matters

by Dave Adsett

It’s amusing what a difference a week or two makes.

In that time, priorities can change. Certainly the world has changed ...

Here we go again

by Chris Daponte

Readers will have to forgive us if we’re starting to repeat ourselves.

Time and again we have railed against municipal officials ...

Focusing on common goal

by Dave Adsett

There is no question that it takes two to tango.

After a decade of spatting and five-plus years without a representative ...

Council resolve tested quickly

by Patrick Raftis

Mapleton councillors were quickly tested on their resolve to stick to a new tougher stance on requests for reductions or ...

Sanctity of the ballot

by Dave Adsett

In mid-December Guelph Eramosa council voted to approve vote-by-mail for the 2018 municipal election.

Short an important voice at that meeting, ...

Infrastructure innovation

by Patrick Raftis

Mapleton council continues to be innovative in its efforts to raise necessary funds to maintain local infrastructure.

Already under discussion is ...



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Ted Arnott, Wellington-Halton Hills MPP
Olivia Rutt and Jaime Myslik
Stephen Thorning - 1949-2015
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Dave Adsett: It’s time to speak out

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