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Guelph-Eramosa residents say volume of trucks using Fife Road is ‘unacceptable’

by Chris Daponte


A group of Fife Road residents says traffic volumes and speeds - particularly trucks - on its road southwest of Guelph are “increasingly dangerous and unacceptable.”

Margaret Strom said residents met late last year to identify problems on the road, located between Whitelaw Road and Guelph Road 1, including:

- poor road condition, (road erosion, surface cracking and uneven shoulders);

- traffic volume, speed and noise; and

- the use of the road by heavy trucks.

Strom, who was part of a delegation to Guelph-Eramosa council last week, said residents are seeking a bylaw and signs prohibiting truck traffic on the road.

“Our purpose here this evening is to draw council’s attention to this increasingly dangerous and unacceptable situation,” said Strom.

Fellow resident Agnes Belosic told council truck traffic is likely to get worse with the township’s planned work on nearby Guelph Road 1, as well as at least one new business.

She argued allowing heavy trucks on the township road makes little sense considering they are prohibited “only metres” away, in the City of Guelph’s residential area.

“It is irrational that multi-axle trucks should be permitted within a township residential area immediately abutting the City of Guelph residential area,” Belosic said.

She argued “meaningful and regular patrolling [by police] remains minimal” even though speeds on the road are “unacceptable” for a rural area.

Belosic added traffic volumes and noise are also far too high for that type of road, particularly when so many pedestrians use the road for walking, jogging or cycling.

“Allowing the continuation of a situation that puts safety at risk and almost certainly accelerates the destruction of a road serves no one,” Belosic said.

She suggested trucks should use “the established truck route, Highway 124,” to ensure “any maintenance stays within the larger county budget.”

Councillor John Scott said while he doesn’t agree with it, he understands why some trucks would use Fife Road instead of the intersection of Wellington Roads 124 and 32, which he called “a bad corner.”

Mayor Chris White said the onus should be on truck drivers to use the proper roads. He suggested discussing the situation with Guelph officials to ensure that trucks are not being routed onto Fife Road.

But Strom and Belosic said that’s exactly what is happening. At one point exiting the city, they say, Fife Road is the only option that is not posted with “no trucks” signs.

Public works manager Mark Robertson said township staff was working on Fife Road shoulders before the snow came and would complete a traffic count on the road in the spring.

Robertson acknowledged the width of the road is a concern and could perhaps be used to justify prohibiting trucks along the route. However, he cautioned that prohibiting trucks on Fife Road could be a concern for Guelph officials, who may not be thrilled with the extra traffic using city roads.

“People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” councillor David Wolk said of Guelph, alluding to the current situation.

White thanked the delegation for bringing its concerns to council’s attention. He said the township would have to complete a report on the situation before taking any action.

When Belosic asked for a possible date for a resolution, White replied “maybe a few months, maybe less.”

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February 1, 2013



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