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November 23 2017 | 02:31
Dear Chris, Ryan and low life Trolls. I am an ex-Royal New Zealand Service Person, who served in the RNZAF, the RNZN and trained with the New Zealand Army. I have just returned from the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, set up and championed by HRH Prince Harry. It was set up for Defence Personal who were injured, had an accident or illness while serving their country. The people I met, competed with, swapped stories with, shed a tear or laughter with are all amazing in their own way. Just because a person looks 'normal', does not always mean they are. Those personal who have a hidden injury, are very often doing it the hardest. People do not understand the battle that goes on within 'our' heads, every single minute, hour, day and night, since the injury. So before you Trolls open your traps about something you only know half of, if anything; spend a day walking in our shoes and viewing the world through our eyes (head space). I met Ryan at the 2017 Toronto Invictus Games and he has taken his Games on with guts, effort and pride. Your trolling has undone the good that the Invivtus Games has done - so piss off back under your dark, little bridges; where you belong. When you have served your country with pride and personal loss, your opinion maybe considered. But let it be know: No brother or sister of the Armed Forces would ever turn against his fellow brother. when he or she is in need.

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