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Cheri Adolph
November 21 2017 | 14:05
Hey Chris, well written article. These hooligans (and I use the term lightly), or stalkers or bullies whatever, don't know Ryan. I do... He came to our Outdoor Centre here in Nordegg with "Soldier On". He did all of the activities from Glacier Walking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, hiking all of it. When I first met him he wouldn't speak to anyone, when he left, he left as our friend. These people are sick, and they have nothing better to do than torment other people. The problem is, is that people with PTSD, (vetrans), can't help but take it personally, it's the PTSD. Thanks for the article. My rant is just getting started. Who are these idiots, I tried to find them on your page. I have a few words for them as well. Make this a great day.!! Cheri . is our web site.

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