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Ray Cerniuk
November 21 2017 | 14:03
I agree with Chris. I am a veteran of 20+ years of service and an ordinary RCL member. I too have noticed how very poorly our more recent veterans are represented in both veterans organizations and generally in the public eye. This must change for the better and soon. It will take leadership from veterans and advocates alike. While some may be able to quote a regulation chapter and verse that seems to forbid it, I think it is being taken out of context. Anyone who served and was honourably released has the right to wear that uniform so long as they do it in an appropriate way. Publicly berating people just because you think you can is no way to treat anyone. I can honestly say that if my old uniform had not shrunk so drastically from hanging in a closet these last many years I would wear mine too, and anyone who objected would have cause to think about it further.

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