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March 2 2014 | 13:12
I don't have an issue where someone takes actual facts and figures to present a valid argument for or against something. However I do take exception with anyone that manipulates false data to justify their existence. Case in point, this article suggests that 95% are in favor of a smoking ban in outdoor venues. There were 2000 surveys sent out. The population of Guelph is 114,940, Dufferin County 56,881 and Wellington County 86,672 for a total of 258,493. So if 2000 people were given the survey this means that 0.77% of the population was surveyed. This is less than 1%. I do not think that 1% is even close to an overwhelming majority as the Health Unit implies. Perhaps a more democratic and accurate process would be to include the issue as a referendum in the next municipal election and let the voters decide. Furthermore I do not buy any of this smoke and mirrors argument about one cigarette being able to provide any measurable level of anything in any outdoor environment. Perhaps if you are concerned about healthy clean air, then ban vehicles form all areas near any outdoor venues.

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